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Mathematics for everyone and everywhere

Faculty of Sciences, Tetouan
March 13-16, 2023


Greater global awareness of mathematical sciences and a strengthening of their teaching, as well as popularization, are vital to address many challenges of tomorrow and to improve the quality of life in both developed and developing countries.
That is why, in 2019, UNESCO made the 14th March of each year the “International Day of Mathematics”, also known as the “pi-day”, π being one of the world’s most widely-known mathematical constants, whose value is close to 3.14.
In this context, the Abdelmalek Essaadi University and the Faculty of Sciences of Tetouan, in cooperation with the Sorbonne Paris Nord University and the International Association AlPaGe, organize the first edition of the French-Moroccan Mathematics Days.
During these days will be held a variety of scientific activities involving training, workshops, and international conferences on scientific mediation, applied mathematics, innovation and didactics of mathematics.
The last day will be a cultural wealth of north Morocco discovery.
The event will be an opportunity to build bridges between mathematical communities, reinforce existing international cooperation's and initiate new ones, hence contributing to the outreach of all involved parties.

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Honored guests

guests 1

Prof. Bouchta El Moumni

President of Abdelmalek Essâadi University

guests 2

Christophe Fouqueré

President of Sorbonne Paris Nord University

guests 3

Jamila El Alami

Head of CNRST, Morocco

guests 4

Prof. Abdellatif Moukrim

Dean of Faculty of Sciences - Tetouan

guests 5

Bruno Manil

Head of Galilée institute


Speaker 3

Prof. Aziz Alaoui

Le Havre Normandy University, France

Speaker 6

Prof. Khalil Ezzinbi

Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

Speaker 6

Prof. El Amin Kaidi

Almeria University, Spain

Speaker 2

Prof. Olivier Lafitte

Montreal University, Canada

Speaker 4

Prof. Bastien Mallein

Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France

Speaker 6

Prof. Mostafa Mbekhta

Lille University, France

Speaker 5

Prof. Christian Mercat

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, France

Speaker 1

Prof. Benoît Rittaud

Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France

Speaker 6

Prof. Laurent Vivier

Paris Diderot University, France

Paying tribute to

guest 4

Prof. Layachi Imlahi

Abdelmalek Essâadi University, Morocco

guest 3

Prof. Abdelmalek Bouanan

Abdelmalek Essâadi University, Morocco

guest 5

Prof. Abdelillah Gmira

Abdelmalek Essâadi University, Morocco




Scientific Committee:

Nour Eddine AlaaFST-UCA
Aziz AlaouiUHN
Sami BaraketU. Tunis El Manar
Youssef BelhamadiaUA Sharjah
Fayssal BenkhaldounUSPN
Abdelmoujib BenkiraneFS-USMBA
Mohamed Benslimane FS-UAE
Mohamed EkdihaFS-UAE
Khalil EzzenbiFS-UCA
Mofdi El Amrani FST-UAE
Mohamed El MerouaniFS-UAE
Rachid El oulaimiFS-UAE
Zine-El-Abidine Guennoun FS-UM5
Aziz HadiFS-UAE
Abdelilah HakimFST-UCA
El Amin KaidiUA Spain
Olivier LafitteUM Canada
Bastien MalleinUSPN
Mostafa Mbekhta UL France
Christien MercatUCBL1
Benoît RittaudUSPN
Mohammed Seaid UD-England
Mohamed ShadiUHW-Edinburgh
Mohamed Ali Tagmouti FS-UAE
Samir TallayFS-UAE
Laurent Vivier UPD
Naji YebariFS-UAE
Hatem ZaagUSPN
Abderrahim ZertitiFS-UAE
Fouad ZitanFS-UAE
Mohamed ZohryFS-UAE

Organizing Committee:

Soumaya Afilal FS-UAE
Souad Amjad FS-UAE
Boubker AzeroualENSATE-UAE
Amal BergamFPL-UAE
Arij Bouzelmate FS-UAE
Fadil ChabbabiFS-UAE
Mohamed DakkounFSJES-UAE
Btissam DkhissiENSATE-UAE
Aouatif El BiariENSATE-UAE
Badr El Haji FS-UAE
Youness El YazidiFS-UAE
Mohamed Erradi ENS-UAE
Bouchaib FerrahiFS-UAE
Hassane HjiajFS-UAE
Ismail JamiaiFS-UAE
Brahim JarmouniFS-UAE
Soufiane Mezroui ENSAT-UAE
Sefian Mohammed LamartiENS-UAE
Mohamed LahrouzFS-UAE
Noureddine Lanjri FS-UAE
Mohamed Louzari FS-UAE
Mohamed Marzougue FS-UAE
Abdelaziz Moujahid FS-UAE
Chakir TajaniFPL-UAE
Anas OutairENSAT-UAE
Naji YebariFS-UAE
Ali Younes FS-UAE

Extended Organizing Committee:

El Hadi Ait DadesFS-UCA
Anouar Ben-LoghfyryFST-UH2
Ahmed BenaoudaFS-UAE
Ali Bouzinab FS-UAE
Abderrahim Charkaoui ESEF-UH1
Ali Dahmani FS-UAE
Mohamed Sghir ElyaqoubiFS-UAE
Mekki Idrissi FS-UAE
Rajae Eddahbi FS-UAE
Abdelouahab IdelhajFS-UAE
Moumou KettaniFSJES-UAE
Hassan Marhnine CRMEF-Casablanca
Abdellah SbaiFS-UAE
Youssef Ouakrim ENS-USMBA
Chafika ZarhoutiCRMEF-Tanger
Tarek ZougariENSAT-UAE

Organizing Committee (Ph.D students):

Aafar Najoua FS-UAE
Achabbak Ahdia FS-UAE
Ait Dada Alla SaidFS-UAE
Bachaou MustaphaFS-UAE
Bakhadda Mohssine FS-UAE
Belhajjam Rafia FS-UAE
Benkhalou HayatFS-UAE
El Amri MohamedFS-UAE
El Baghouri Hikmat FS-UAE
El Hathout Mohamed FS-UAE
El khanousse YasmineFS-UAE
El Hammaji MohamedFS-UAE
Haji YoussefFS-UAE
Lamtarah Adnan FS-UAE
Malki LatifaFS-UAE
Raiss Inssaf FS-UAE
Sennouni FatimaFS-UAE
Zerouali Rajae FS-UAE


Call for papers

The 1st edition of Franco-Marocain Mathematics Days – F2MDays’23 will be held from 13 to 16 March, 2023, in Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Faculty of Sciences, Tétouan, Morocco.
F2MDays will provide an international forum to present state-of-the-art research results, address new challenges, and discuss trends and opportunities related with all aspects and applications several topics in Applied Mathematics, Innovation and didactics of mathematics.
The Topics are organized as follow:
* Nonlinear Analysis and Applications
* Numerical Analysis, Modeling and Optimization
* Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications
* Statistics, Probability and Operational Research
* Innovation and Didactics of Mathematics


Authors are invited to submit original research papers or abstracts.
Please prepare your document using: 👉 F2MDays’23 template 👈.
At least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the conference and present the paper.
Submissions should include paper title, abstract, names of authors, their affiliations, and emails addresses.
The full papers or abstracts should be submitted in PDF format to the F2MDays online submission website : 👉 F2MDays’23 registration 👈
If you can not upload paper or have other problems in using the EASYCHAIR system, you can choose to submit by sending email to f2mdays@uae.ac.ma and bferrahi@uae.ac.ma (with the subject: F2MDays’23)
Submission Deadlines:
Submission : March 07, 2023
Notification: March 10, 2023
For more information:

Registration & Fees

Registration – F2MDays'23:

Participants may register to attend the Conference with or without a research paper.
1 - Participate and present your work at F2MDays'23 First of all, submit your paper online 👉 F2MDays’23 registration 👈.
2 - Attend F2MDAYS'23 without presentation.
Registration fees include:
* Training and workshops on scientific mediation of mathematics (with separate certifecate)
* Access to all Conference sessions (keynote, workshops, special sessions, tutorials)
* Proceedings and Printed Conference program
* Lunches and coffee breaks,

Registration fees:

Category Registration fees
Morroccan Student participant 300 Dh
Morroccan Academic participant 500 Dh
International Academic participant 100 euros
Non academic participant 1000 Dh
or 100 euros

Payment of registration fees:

Registration for the conference will only be effective once all fees have been paid.
Payment by bank transfer:
Bank Name: Banque Populaire
Beneficiary: Association AL-JAB'R of Mathematics and Sustainable Development
Bank Address: Avenue Casablanca, Tétouan, Maroc
Bank account number: 164 720 21116 1573779 000 3 49
Country: Morocco
What to send?
Once the bank transfer done, please send an email to bferrahi@uae.ac.ma and f2mdays@uae.ac.ma (with the subject: F2MDays’23 registration):
* A scanned copy of your payment (mentioning your full name)
* A completed registration form (download Registration Form Here): 👉 F2mdays’23 form 👈.

Questions on registration?

For enquiries please contact F2MDays’23 Coordinators:


👉 F2mdays’23 program 👈.

Registration and welcome

Formation à la Vulgarisation des Mathématiques - I

Benoît Rittaud

Coffee Break

Formation à la Vulgarisation des Mathématiques - II

Christian Mercat


Parallel Sessions I :

Room 1 :

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications

Room 3 :

Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications

Room 2 :

Numerical Analysis, Modeling and Optimization

Room 4:

Statistics, Probability and Operational Research

Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions II :

Room 1 :

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications

Room 3 :

Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications - Part I

Room 2 :

Numerical Analysis, Modeling and Optimization

Room 4:

Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications - Part II


Opening Speech

* President of Abdelmalek Essâadi University

* President of Sorbonne Paris Nord University

* Dean of Faculty of Sciences - Tetouan

* Head of Galilée institute

* France embassy represtant of scientific and university cooperation

Conference Chairs :
Arij Bouzelmate and Benoît Rittaud

Coffee Break

Benoît Rittaud

Plenary Talk 1 : Benoît Rittaud

Le Fabuleux destin de la racine carrée de 2

Chair: Arij Bouzelmate

Christian Mercat

Plenary Talk 2 : Christian Mercat

Modéliser ou trouver le bon langage

Chair: Naji Yebari


Workshops on Scientific Mediation of Mathematics

Coffee Break

 Bastien Mallein

Plenary Talk 3 : Bastien Mallein

Dynamique des populations invasives et mouvement brownien branchant

Chair: Christien Mercat

Aziz Alaoui

Plenary Talk 4 : Aziz Alaoui

Émergence de quelques Branches des Mathématiques : Systèmes Dynamiques et Théorie du Chaos

Chair: Khalil Ezzinbi

Olivier Lafitte

Plenary Talk 5 : Olivier Lafitte

Comprendre la fusion nucléaire dans les Tokamaks pour une énergie illimitée dans le futur: les points chauds dans les plasmas expliqués par les Mathématiques des équations différentielles ordinaires

Chair: Arij Bouzelmate

Ezzinbi Khalil

Plenary Talk 6 : Ezzinbi Khalil

Periodic solutions in infinite dimensional dynamical systems: Past and Present

Chair: Aziz Alaoui

Coffee Break

Mostafa Mbekhta

Plenary Talk 7 : Mostafa Mbekhta

Invitation to preserver problems

Chair: El Amin Kaidi

El Amin Kaidi

Plenary Talk 8 : El Amin Kaidi

Endofinitude pour les modules et les espaces de Banach

Chair: Mostafa Mbekhta


Laurent Vivier

Plenary Talk 9 : Laurent Vivier

Perspectives de localité et approximations locales en analyse

Chair: Benoît Rittaud

Parallel Sessions I :

Room 1 :

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications - Part I

Room 3 :

Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications

Room 2 :

Numerical Analysis, Modeling and Optimization

Room 4:

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications - Part II

Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions II :

Room 1 :

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications - Part I

Room 3 :

Algebra, Functional Analysis and Applications

Room 2 :

Numerical Analysis, Modeling and Optimization

Room 4:

Nonlinear Analysis and Applications - Part II

Cultural Program: Gala Dinner

This is an opportunity to make speeches and pay tribute to all those who have contributed to strengthening cooperative relations between Moroccan and French universities in mathematics. As well as the discussion of the various partnership projects between the research teams of the universities of the two countries.

Participation fees for Gala Dinner: 200dh

A Guided visit to Chefchaouen

1- We guide you through the side streets until you arrive at Uta Hammam Square, Great Mosque, and Kasabah. A few steps ahead is the Makhzen square with the Hotel Parador. From here an alley can be taken that leads northeast to Bab El Ansar and the source Ras El Maa one of the prettiest places in Chefchaouen. This precious walk takes us to the Rif Sebbanin, the laundry district, with the Seat of Sebbanin and its mosque of century XV, We continue the route until the center of the Medina again.
2. Also, we will take you to Akchour, a nice mountainous region near Chefchaouen. We will take the road from Chefchaouen to Akchour waterfalls via Al kalaa.

Participation fees for the touristic visit:
For Professors: 600 dh,
For Students: 400 dh.

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Conference Center
Faculty Of Sciences, Tetouan, Morocco.


Her are some nearby hotels

Hotel 1


7 min (4.9 Km) from the Venue

Hotel 3


8 min (5.4 Km) from the Venue

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4 min (2.5 Km) from the Venue

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